James Patrick Nelson

James Patrick Nelson recently stepped in Bedlam's Off-Broadway production of Pygmalion. He starred in Bedlam's acclaimed production of Sense and Sensibility at the American Repertory Theater and the Folger Theater, for which he won a Helen Hayes Award. 

James Patrick Nelson in Bedlam's ​​​​​​​​​Sense and Sensibility ​at the American Repertory Theater. Photo by Ashley Garrett.

James Patrick Nelson stars in the upcoming feature film "Love in Kilnerry" a hilarious ensemble comedy. 

 James Patrick Nelson in the ensemble comedy feature "Love in Kilnerry".  

James Patrick Nelson stars in the upcoming feature "Adam" a psychological thriller for which he also wrote the screenplay. The film is anticipating a summer premier.

​Headshots by Jeff Mosier

James Patrick Nelson in the psychological thriller "Adam". 

James Patrick Nelson wrote the screenplay for the feature film "The Second Sun," which will premier April 21st at 9pm at Cinema Village on East 12th Street in NYC, as part of the Manhattan Film Festival.